The World’s Largest Pumpkin in North America

If you are into pumpkins or at least learning how to grow very large ones so you can make as many pumpkin dishes imaginable, then you need to talk with Gene McMulllen. You are sure to learn a few tips and tricks and be the hit at Thanksgiving with all the items you can create from a huge pumpkin. However, I doubPumpkinst, unless luck is on your side, that you will grow one as large as McMullen.

In Illinois, farmer Gene McMullen has recently gained the record for North America’s largest pumpkin or the world’s second largest pumpkin weighing in at 2,145 pounds. It was weighted at Cedarburg, Wisconsin, during the Wine and Harvest Festival which was held over the July weekend by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth according to the festival’s president, Andy Wolf.

Wolf told ABC news that the pumpkin was a few hundred pounds short of being the world’s largest. Last year, in Switzerland, a 2,323-pound pumpkin came to be the record holder of the world record.

Farmer McMullen spent 93 days growing the impressive pumpkin, carefully monitoring it the entire time. He told ABC news, the secret to growing super-sized pumpkins is a lot of patience and care. McMillen, still caring for the pumpkin, hopes that as more weight tests are conducted by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth which will be weighed again in October and it will become the world’s largest.

Just before Halloween, the top three largest pumpkins will be featured in New York’s Botanical Gardens. Wolf says there are some rumors buzzing around of some pretty big pumpkins, in hopes to see how McMullen’s holds up against them. Last year in Cedarburg, McMullen had also won with a pumpkin weighing over 1,600 pounds, according to the festival executive director BJ Homayouni. Homayouni explained that officials of the Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Festival were proud to be able to showcase a pumpkin that broke a record.