The True Story of the Sleeping Beauty

It may be very hard to believe that the Sleeping Beauty that you read to your child/children is not the original version.

The storycatatonia

Giambatista Basile created the first version, except her name was Talia. Her father was lord over the land and talked with astrologers and wise men to learn his daughter’s future. He learned that his daughter would at some time in her life be in danger of receiving a splinter of flax. The danger would not cause death but would make her fall into a deep sleep.

As soon as she entered her teen years, the incident occured, but her father could not stand the thought of laying her down as if she were dead, so she was placed on a velvet throne, closed the door, and left the home never to return.

Years later a king knocks at the door of the home and when he received no answer climbed a ladder into the house. He finds Talia asleep on the throne. He cannot wake her so he carries her to the bed and rapes her. Then he leaves her lying in the bed and returns to his own kingdom.

Even in her unconscious state, Talia goes into labor and gives birth to twins. One of the babies sucks her fingers which causes her to wake up. When she wakes up she realizes she is a mother and does not remember anything from the past.

Once again a few years later, the same king decides to visit her again. He explains to her the story of how he found her and what he did and before he left told her he would come back for her and the babies to take to his kingdom.

The queen learns of the sleeping beauty and the babies and does what she can to get rid of them in various ways. The king learns of the betrayal and instead of Talia being burned alive, it is the queen. The King then marries Talia and of course lives happily ever after.