Strange Creatures that really Exist

You may believe that you have seen every animal, insect, or creature that lives on the Earth and in water; but you would truly be mistaken. There are so many strange aoSuKhnd unusual animals around that you may be shocked if you saw one and then have to look it up online to find out what you just saw.

One of the scariest and strangest looking creatures actually looks like a skeleton or a fossil and that is the Goblin Shark. The shark is very rare and often referred to as a living fossil; it is the only one in its Mitsukurindae family that still lives as other species of the same family are now extinct. These sharks are home around 330 feet below water with the babies even living in deeper waters. Of course, they never rise above this level so you will never have the chance to have one bump into your leg while swimming.

Another strange creature that you might actually one day get the chance to see is in the family of the blue sea slug, known as the blue dragon. If you happen to be swimming in the ocean in warm waters, do not worry or swim quickly away as this creature floats on top of the water due to its stomach being with a gas sack and will not harm you.

We all know what a stork is and what it looks like, however, there is one that is considered a stork like bird and you would be shocked if you saw one. The name of the bird is the shoebill bird because of the shape of its bill. This bird has been around for centuries but was not classified until the 19th century. However, there is scientific information published in different journals that it was around during ancient Arab and Egyptian times.