Importance of Historical Perspective

1cc1sThere are very few fields of academia that can tell the story of humanity as well as history can. In many ways, history represents much of the underlying foundation that society relies upon even today as it gives perspective to why things are the way they are. All aspects of life, the way it presents itself at the moment, can be explained and given a point of origin once it is placed in the grander perspective that is offered by history. From politics to religion, from tolerance to conservatorium, from war to peace, history is filled to the brim with examples of cause and effect, and as the saying goes “He who does not know history, is doomed to repeat it”.

It would be very hard to imagine that the world in existence today could be vastly alien if history would have simply played out in a different manner. What if Germany would have won the Second World War? What if Europe had never experienced the Dark Ages? What if Neanderthal’s would have never become extinct? These are but a few of the questions that could make the minds of many go on a wild spin. While there are many points at which history could have made a different turn, therefore creating a world that would be foreign to all, a lot of the speculation is hard to grasp as it is way into the past.

One point in history that is perhaps easier to grasp is that of the Colonial Era, which gave birth to the United States which in turn gave birth to pop culture that is in existence today. Despite the hardships that the said period of time brought to many individuals across the globe, one cannot deny its importance. Without the Colonial Era, there would be no U.S, without the U.S there would be no significant force behind the Allies in the Second World War, and without the Allies the Germans may have won, and even if they didn’t, no force would have been strong enough to keep in check the Soviet juggernaut.