Couple Truly Meant For One Another

If there were ever two people that were meant for one another it was Les and Helen Brown. They were actually born on the same exact day, which was New Year’s Evcouple-bed-laughinge (December 31st, 1918). They met during their teen years and fell madly in love. They soon became married and lived together as husband and wife for seventy-five years.

In their later years, Helen was fighting stomach cancer and Les became ill with Parkinson’s disease. In July of 2013, Les fell into a coma and the hospice workers did not expect him to live only a few days more. However, Helen seemed to be strong and workers believed she would live several months. After Les fell into the coma, Helen became weak.

On July 16, 2013, Helen passed away and the very next day Les passed away on July 17th.

Now, if you look back on the time prior to them marrying, their families never thought it was a good match. Les was from an upper-class family and Helen’s family were part of the working class. Both sides of the family were not for these teenagers falling in love and getting married after high school. The love they had for one another was so strong that they decided to elope when they both turned 18 and were married in September. They proved everyone wrong as in September of 2012 they celebrated 75 years of marriage.

In 1965, they moved to Long Beach. Helen worked in real estate and Les worked as a photographer. They only had one wish and that was to be together forever and as their youngest son, Daniel explained “mom always told me that she could not watch her husband pass away”. Their marriage may have had its ups and downs like all marriages, but they loved one another. It is so close to a fairy tale that it is hard to believe.