Background Star Trek Scenes that You Did not Notice

Star Trek fans may never have missed even one episode and may have seen them more than once, but there are things in the background that you may have completely unnoticed. Here are a few favorites that you should look for next time you watch the reruns:

  • Commander Riker Never Sbest-spock-leonard-nimoy-star-trek-episodes-750x480its Down Like the Rest of the Crew or Anyone Else

Pay attention to the way he swings his legs over the top of chairs and even gets up out of the chair the same exact way. The reason behind this is that during his youth he had a back injury that causes him not only to sit down like he owns the world but leans on things to help with the issues due to his back injury.

  • There was a Bathroom on the Enterprise

You have to watch closely, but On The Next Generation bridge, if you pay attention, you will see a door with the word “HEAD”, which was the place to go. If you want to know where they were on other episodes, you will have to check out the blueprint, but there is at least one on each ship.

  • No Smoking Signs Meant Nothing

You more than likely remember seeing Kirk, Riker, and Pickard smoking at least a cigar or two on various episodes, but what you more than likely did not see were the No Smoking signs that were placed on the bridge of the Enterprise as well as in the transporter room.

  • One Immortal Crew Member

There was one crew member found in the original series by the name of Lieutenant Leslie. The weird thing is the various roles he played like being in charge of the transporter, found in the sick bay, and even after his death on a mission coming back from the dead to be found walking around the ship in different areas and episodes until one day he was turned into an alien paperweight.