This website is all about the bizarre, the strange, the unusual, and other things that you may not even realize exist. Some of you may believe that these are myths or legends, but every page will have a true and exciting or even scary story to tell. The stories are old and new to ensure you get the best of strange and almost unbelievable things in our world.

As you browse the website, you will learn about an adventure gone wrong in the Antarctic, scary and spooky places you may wish to avoid, what happens when to the suitors of a Queen bee, learn more about the largest pumpkin in North America that may become the largest in the world, Star Trek scenes that you missed including a lone crew member that was seen in episodes after his death, the real story of the Sleeping Beauty, true unconditional love and various weird and strange creatures that live in our waters and on land that you may hope you never see.

There are many weird things on this Earth and there is no possible way to cover them all in one page. On the other hand, the ones chosen may get you thinking and exploring your own world around you so you can see if you can find a creature like no other and become famous. Of course, it takes time and effort to find these creatures so you had better be ready at all times with your camera so you can prove to everyone what you saw.