4 Scary Places You May Be too Afraid to Visit

If you love spooky and scary movies, then you are going to love visiting these locations. On the other hand, you may just be one of those people that even the thought of a skull gives you the creeps, you may wish to steer clear.coffins-sagada

  • 1. Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

The Igorot tribe home in Sagada, Philippines bury those that have passed on in coffins just like about everyone else unless they are cremated. However, this tribe does something quite unique and hangs the coffins to sides of cliffs. Their belief is that in doing so it will keep the body from harm while getting them closer to their family spirits that have passed on.

  • 2. Suicide Forest in Japan

There is a forest home at the bottom of Mount Fuji known as Aokigahara or the Suicide Forest. Since the 1950’s more than five hundred individuals have entered this forest to end their life.

  • 3. Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

All old cemeteries with broken headstones and very overcrowded are enough to give anyone the creeps, but this cemetery goes all the way back to 1478 and is so full they have had to bury people on top of others creating altogether 12 layers. You may only see close to 12,000 headstones, but in all actuality, there are more than 100,000 in the graveyard.

  • 4. Island of the Dolls in Mexico

This island has a sad history as Don Julian Santana found a young girl that drowned nearby the island. Shortly after her death, a doll came floating toward the island so he placed it in a tree in her honor. He kept up the tradition for fifty years until his own death by drowning in the waters around the island. Today, it is a huge tourist attraction, but those creepy dolls hanging from trees may bring you nightmares.